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David I Hill - Path to Mastery Real Estate and Personal Development Show! This podcast features weekly authentic, inspiring and fun interviews with top salespeople, entrepreneurs, industry experts, authors, business coaches, life coaches, sales trainers and very cool humans like Gary Vaynerchuk, Chris Voss, Jon Acuff, Chris Widener, Jairek Robbins, Brian Tracy, Mel Robbins, Grant Cardone, Russell Brunson and John Lee Dumas who are doing big things! We get to know the real person, what makes them tick, why they do what they do, what makes them successful in their mind, what keeps them up at night and what they do to keep moving forward when times get tough. We share strategies and ideas from my book "The Sales Playbook." The vision is that every time you listen to an interview you leave with a tool, a tip, an idea or strategy that will lead to better sales skills, better quality of life and towards abundance. Enjoy your journey on the Path to Mastery!
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Oct 4, 2021

Dimple Dang is an online marketing expert and coach with more than 20 years of experience. Her expertise in marketing includes content creation, web design, email marketing, SEO, PPC, social media marketing and strategy, and podcast launch & creation. She is the host of the Mesmerizing Marketing Podcast and a professional speaker. Dimple also coaches attorneys, business owners, and entrepreneurs on how to utilize Instagram and TikTok to grow their brand.

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Jun 18, 2020

171 – The Movement  – George Floyd 5k on Path to Mastery Podcast

Walk, Run or Bike, anywhere or anytime on June 20th or 21st to honor the memory of George Floyd. All donations will go to Boys and Girls Club of Worcester and your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support. I've included information about Boys and Girls Club of Worcester below.

Their Mission is to help youth, especially those who need them most, develop the qualities needed to become responsible citizens & community leaders, through caring professional staff who forge relationships with their youth members and influence their ability to succeed in life.

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Oct 6, 2016

Confidence is a choice and it starts by knowing who you are. 

"We only have control of ourselves and the present moment."  Trish Blackwell

STEPS TO Confidence and Authenticity:    

• Learn how to be well in your skin
• Mind training makes the difference
• Be authentic in your relationships
• Keep a gratitude journal 
• Compliment 15 people daily
• Be grateful 


Listen to the Confidence On the Go Podcast

Check out Trish's new book, Insecurity DETOX


"Nobody wants to be sold, but everybody wants to buy." Trish 

May 19, 2016

Effectively using the phone to connect with Prospects! David discusses how to use the phone to more effectively connect with different generations and behavioral patterns! 

Create a real 2 way dialogue with people that typically does not happen with text, email and indirect marketing. You can also deal with objections and answer questions.

Call Reluctance is a mindset issue and mindset is #1 in all areas of life! 


  • Fear of rejection
  • Over-Analysis 
  • Lack of Role Acceptance
  • Not knowing what to say
  • Fear of Success

How to deal with CALL RELUCTANCE 

  1. Become better with rejection by having fun
  2. Building your mindset
  3. Understanding your WHY
  4. Knowing your numbers
  5. Keeping your vision board in front of you

PLAYING TO WIN is only working with the most motivated and the prospects with the highest probability of closing business. 

70% of sales comes from follow up. This is true in almost every industry!!  The key to follow up is to have systems in place. - next dates fall 2016 - email me if interested

LEARNING TO BE PRESENT WITH PEOPLE is the key to success in sales and in life!

May 12, 2016

FOCUS & Commitment Chris shares how being focused on lead generation with zero distractions is a key to his success. 

The difference between 90% and 100% commitment is massive when it comes to results.  

  • Showing up on time 
  • Removing distractions during lead generation 
  • Being on the phones at 8am 


How to deal with CALL RELUCTANCE

  1. Being ok with rejection  
  2. Having fun 
  3. Building your mindset 
  4. Knowing your numbers    
  5. Keeping your vision board in front of you 


NUMBERS – If I am talking with 100 people a day and not setting appointments I have a conversion problem. Once I realized I had a conversion problem I started practicing scripts my numbers became better. 

ACCOUNTABILITY – Holds the individual to a standard 


Chris describes how he set a goal to become rookie of the year and did it step by step 

 30 under 30 is next!! 

May 5, 2016

AFFIRMATIONS OF WEALTH authormy personal mentor and 1st businesscoach John Alexandrov, talks about using affirmations toachieve the highest outcomes. 


  • Verbal 
  • Written 
  • Physical 


Physical affirmations are powerful because without action therecan be no results. John points out the in the word attraction youwill find the word action. All beliefs are formed at the core ofthe mind and if we take consistent action over time we can achieveour goals. 

“We have to really believe the thing we want ispossible, then it can become probable.” – JohnAlexandrov 

CALL RELUCTANCE – There are12 different types (wediscuss)  

  1. Fear or phobia   
  2. Identity Crisis 
  3. Subconscious beliefs   


MINDSET – John discuss many tools tohelp over come reluctance, including being prepared by doing somehomework before the call, also being prepared by knowing what tosay. 

“Just be genuine and authentic in everything youdo. It’s somewhat rare these days and when peoplefeel that we are, they are attracted to us?”  JohnAlexandrov


Email John at and he will send you freea copy of Affirmations of Wealth 




ITUNES stitcher audible



for more inspiring ideas and sales strategies 

updated book IV

About John Alexandrov 

John Alexandrov has a background and expertise unlike anyone elsein the financial services, real estate, and business coachinggenres. The well-known author of the
best-selling Affirmations of Wealth, as well as Your Spiritual GoldMind and The Money Chi, John has created a wave of financialmomentum and wealth in the lives of hundreds of thousands ofpeople worldwide. He is a graduate of Trinity College, wherehe majored in Economics, and The New England School of Law inBoston, MA. As the Senior Partner of a law firm he started atage 25, John personally represented clients and businessesthat conducted billions of dollars of real estateand commercial transactions. 
As an Executive Coach, John has guided countless real estateagents, lenders, financial services professionals, businessowners, and entrepreneurs through the
start-up, development, and growth of their businesses. John wasalso the first licensed commercial real estate appraiser inthe Commonwealth of Massachusetts
and was a Broker/Owner for many years. In addition tomaintaining a thriving coaching practice and acting asIndependent General Counsel to several businesses, John is anentrepreneur at heart. His keen insight on success andmotivational tactics have been developed over 30 yearsof owning multiple businesses while simultaneously coachingsome of the most successful people in the United States.


Apr 28, 2016

HOW TO BE AN EFFECTIVE ENTREPRENEUR Amy is a entrepreneur who runs multiple businesses, hosts a monthly TV show featuring innovators, consults with city leaders and won the 2008 40 under 40.  

Amy shares how to stay focused with so many things going on.    

The misconception was that in order to be successful you have to do everything 


A special conversation where we discuss Landmark Education 

  1. NOT MAKING PEOPLE WRONG (we get to be ourselves and let others be themselves)  
  2. BEING Present(listening and being authentic)  


THE GIFT OF REFLECTION - Slow down so you can really reflect on wether your really live the life you said you want to live. 

"Life is so precious you may be here today, and gone tomorrow. Tomorrow is not guaranteed"  Amy Mosher

Apr 21, 2016

HOW TO BUILD A REFERRAL BASED BUSINESS As a 3rd year agent Michael generated over 300 referrals producing over 40 million in volume with 187 closed units.

Today Michael Generates over 500 Referrals a year!  

The misconception was that in order to be successful in real estate you had to either, cold call, door knock or send emails. 



  1. In-Bound Marketing (activities that attract visitors to you)  
  2. Referrals(following up through relationships)  

MINDSET - We have to be willing to do whatever it takes no matter what! 

"This is a simple process of following the successful people and doing what they do."  Michael Maher


Apr 14, 2016

HOW TO CREATE A BIGGER WORLD when we all only have 24 hours in a DAY! Leverage though talent is the key to having a big life and it starts by following a proven model for hiring. 

THE THREE STEPS TO SUCCESS WITH OTHERS (Seth breaks it down for us into 3 simple steps) 

  1. SALES SKILLS(Lead Generation for Talent)  
  2. HIRING SKILLS(Follow a System) 
  3. LEADERSHIP SKILLS(Study & Practice, start the 10,000 hours)   


MINDSET Seth discuss's how we let the little voice in our heads will determine our outcomes and results if we do not have awareness. 

"I am always looking for talent, always, always, always, to me it's just like breathing!"  Seth Campbell 

MODELS, SYSTEMS & TOOLS - Seth is listening for language, behavior, track record, how they think, do they have victim behavior or do they take responsibility. I do not continue the process because I like the person, they have to earn the right to keep going forward. 

"Leading myself is the 1st step to everything with leadership!"  Seth Campbell 



ITUNES stitcher audible


Apr 7, 2016

WHY CONSISTENT LEAD GENERATION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING  Listing to this podcast now is the solution to a massive business 

CLOSE 100 MILLION BY BREAKING IT DOWN TO 5 CONTACTS A DAY Tim realized that in order to build a huge business he simply had to put 5 people in his database. He figured out his daily numbers which lead to his weekly numbers which lead to his monthly numbers to annual numbers then 5 year goals and so on. Simply focusing on your numbers today!   

MINDSET Tim shares his frustrations of showing up daily and feeling like a telemarketer and not getting results. 

MENTOR-SHIP & COACHING Tim was clear on what he wanted and found the right people to hold him accountable and being consistent. 



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Mar 31, 2016

How to figure our your ONE THING! Great success comes from committing to one thing over time! When you commit to one thing, other opportunities tend to show up.


bookHow to stay focused no matter what life throws at you! Remind ourselves why what we are doing is important to us. Saying NO to things that do not fall in line with our goals. 


What is the ONE THING I can do such that by doing it, everything else will become easier or unnecessary!


Get your copy of The Sales Playbook at

Mar 24, 2016

Jairek Robbins interviews David I Hill, 28 year phone veteran with over 30,000 hours of phone prospecting to discuss mastering the art of the phone and dealing with rejection.


MINDSET - Get it right before you start calling!!!

SCRIPTS - Learn your scrips so you can feel confident because you know what to say

BE PRESENT - Be present with your prospect or client so that you can understand their wants and needs by listing, asking the right questions and coming from contribution.


Pick up a copy of David's book of sales strategies, The Sales Playbook, at

Mar 17, 2016

Leadership Expert and Author of 8 Bestselling Books, Justin Sachs. One More Sale Path to Mastery

Justin Sachs is a highly- acclaimed business and marketing expert who has educated and inspired over eleven million people worldwide on how to more powerfully connect with their target market, reach their prospects, create marketing systems, and increase their customer and brand loyalty.  Having been acknowledged by US Presidents, Congressmen, and World-Renowned Business Leaders, Justin’s strategic consulting is called on by some of the world’s leading corporations and brands.

“Through your service to others, you demonstrate the outstanding character of America and help strengthen our country.” -Hon. George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States of America

“Your efforts will leave a lasting impression on countless individuals, and I thank you for your hard work.” – Hon. Arnold Schwarzenegger, California State Governor

He has been featured in hundreds of media outlets throughout the world including CBS Radio, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, ABC and Yahoo Finance. Justin’s industry leading publishing company, Motivational Press was recognized in 2014 on the INC 500 list as one of the fastest growing companies and the 4th fastest growing media company in the world.  Motivational Press has published some of the world’s leading experts on business, personal-development, and health & wellness including Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Tony Alessandra, Barry Moltz and more. His media relations company, Expert Media Relations has secured his clients media appearances across every major media outlet including CNN, FOX, NBC, CBS, Oprah, Good Morning America, and more.

 “Thank you for your inspiring commitment to serving your community. Contributions like yours make our communities and our entire nation stronger.” -Arthur Ryan, Chariman and CEO of Prudential Financial

Sachs, a philanthropist from the start, has won many awards and accolades for serving his community including the Prudential Spirit of Community Award, and Distinguished Recognition from the California Department of Education. He has been honored to partner with organizations like Kiva, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Foundation, and The Illumination Foundation.
“I am pleased to recognize Justin Sachs for his dedication… Your outstanding leadership is commendable.” –Hon. Gavin Newsom, Lt. Governor of California and Fmr. Mayor of San Francisco, California

Justin’s books and DVDs have been read by hundreds of thousands worldwide.

Justin’s Books:

Skyrocket: Your Sales, Your Business, Your Life – 2014
Justin has had 8 best-selling books:
Customer Loyalty—2013 — International Best-Seller — Over 20,000 copies sold

Customer Loyalty provides the world’s leading tools, strategies, and principles from the world’s leading strategic business professionals. These are the systems and practices real world entrepreneurs and business leaders are using every day in their businesses to increase their customer loyalty and the overall lifetime value of their customers.

Ultimate Marketing Mastery -2013

Master the tools strategies and principles provided by some of the worlds leading authorities on Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media and more. These are the tools and strategies that have been executed by small businesses and Fortune 500 companies to produce significant revenue.

How to Publish Your Book – 2013 — International Best-Seller — Over 10,000 copies sold

How to Publish Your Book gives you the tools, strategies and systems you need to master and implement in order to successfully enter the book industry. Best-selling author and publisher, Justin Sachs, shares his insider secrets having published over 250 products and consulted with world-renowned personal development authority, Anthony Robbins, and co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, Mark Victor Hansen. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to release a book.

One-Minute Team Building – 2011 — International Best-Seller — Over 17,500 copies sold

One-Minute Team Building features excerpts written by the foremost experts in corporate, non-profit, and community team building. It includes simple tools, strategies, and principles leaders can use to most effectively build their teams to improve productivity, maximize results and enhance overall success. The systems provided to you in One-Minute Team building provide you everything you need to know to build your teams with the social proof and real-world examples of its implementation so you have a one-stop-shop for peak performance team development. It is a must read for anyone looking to empower, unite, and motivate the members of their team

Ultimate Business Mastery – 2011– International Best-Seller — Over 27,300 copies sold

Ultimate Business Mastery gives entrepreneurs and business owners the tools and strategies they need to Maximize Your Productivity, Increase Your Revenue, and Achieve Your Highest Level of Influence.

Power of Philanthropy – 2010 — International Best-Seller — Over 36,000 copies sold

Partnerships built with international non-profit organizations.

The Power of Philanthropy is a collection of stories that represent the most extraordinary individuals who are contributing at the highest levels in making a bold difference in the world. It includes stories of non-profit organizations, corporations, entrepreneurs and more who all have one thing in common: their commitment to being of service to others has made a measurable difference in the lives of many.

Power of Persistence – 2009 — — International Best-Seller — Over 58,000 copies sold

The Power of Persistence contains the most uplifting and impacting stories of how persistence has shaped the greatest leaders in business and life in general. Ever wonder what the difference is between those who have enormous success and those who just barely make it by? This book will show you why persistence is the number one skill the greatest successes have.

Your Mailbox Is Full – Real Teens In the Real World – 2008 — — International Best-Seller — Over 24,000 copies sold — Partnerships with International Non-Profit Organizations.

Your Mailbox is Full is a teen development book which gives teens the life-skills and leadership development principles teenagers need to be successful in high school, college and throughout their lives. . It teaches the most important tools needed to take your life to the next level. Together, We ll Accomplish These Results:

  1. Greater Self-Esteem to Overcome Peer Pressure
  2. Power to Set Motivating and Exciting Goals
  3. A Passion for Contribution
  4. A Positive Outlook on Life
  5. A Clear Vision of One s Life Plan
  6. A Positive and Motivating Role Model for Today s Youth
  7. The Feeling of Being In Charge of Your Destiny
  8. Increases Productivity in Both School and Extracurricular Activities
  9. Enhanced Leadership Development
  10. To Live Life More Energized and Motivated.
Mar 3, 2016
Overview of Worcester Healthy Homes Program 
The Worcester Healthy Homes Program is the city based initiative to promote health and energy based housing development, renovation and repair to both owner occupied and investor owned properties.  The city currently ranks as the 5th oldest housing stock in the country and has an estimated $1,000,000,000 in deferred maintenance issues (major systems-roof, heating, plumbing, code).  Unlike the Metro Boston area which has seen extensive renovations and updates  of properties to current building codes to the majority of its housing stock due to demand, a large majority of Worcester property owners have taken a band-aid approach to maintenance and renovations which has led to an uptick in housing related health issues including lead poisoned children, pediatric asthma (10 schools have 25% of students missing over 20 days/year with asthma related issues), elder falls and pest related health +issues.  The City currently has a $3,700,000 in HUD Lead and Healthy Homes funding and as well a $6,000,000 Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund supporting this program.
The goal of Healthy Homes Program is to help owners through both funding and technical guidance better manage capital investment in their properties which will have a fivefold effect-
1. Decrease turnover rates of units due to unhappy/unhealthy tenants
2. Increase health of tenants which decreases public expenditures in  public healthcare, schools and inspectional services .
3. Stabilize the neighborhood values of properties (currently in many neighborhoods, capital investment in property has little effect on property value)
4. Decrease the overall housing cost burden of tenants (rent + utilities + housing related health care costs)
5. Promote Worcester as an attractive affordable live/work city
Mar 3, 2016

PROSPECTING MASTERY - National Sales Trainer & Author of The Sales Encyclopedia John Chapin


John Chapin is an award winning sales speaker, author, trainer, and coach with over 28 years of extensive sales, customer service, and sales management experience. In addition to being a number one sales rep for most of his 28+ years in sales, John also authored the 2010 sales book of the year: Sales Encyclopedia. He also writes a monthly sales article for close to 200 publications across the country.

Having started his career as a stockbroker in September of 1987, one month before the crash, and his current business in the Fall of 2008, when the economy took a nosedive, John has had experience successfully building businesses and selling in some of the toughest markets and economies.


Surround yourself with the best and model them then put in hard work! John Discusses how he dealt with rejection and how he got used to it. 

Feb 18, 2016

One More Sale Podcast and Author David I Hill, interviews Amelia Forczak. 

Amelia Forczak is the ghostwriter of four published books, including oneNew York Times best seller. She has served as a content strategist or editor for a handful of other successful books. Amelia’s background in corporate marketing enables her to go beyond transcribing conversations with authors and putting commas in the right places. She partners with authors to truly understand their business, serving as a dedicated book-writing consultant. In 2015, Amelia gained non-exclusive representation from the most successful ghostwriting agency in the world. Much of Amelia’s success is due to past clients who become evangelical brand ambassadors.

Do you want to write a book but not sure where to start? It took me almost 2 years to create about 35 pages of content. I had a ton of info in my head but getting it on paper was a different story for me. Amelia helps to take the ideas from your head and get them on paper, and not only that but the writing sounds like you. I know this because she ghost wrote my book The Sales Playbook along with my friend Jairek Robbin's book LIVE IT. 

Feb 11, 2016

David I Hill interviews Jairek Robbins performance coach and and business consultant. We discuss how to achieve huge goals, and what to do when you have huge goals and you are not performing at the level. What is the gap between making 1 million and year to the 100,000 you are making now? How someone can go from where they currently are to wherever they want to be, and it simply starts with cutting out the story forever, the inner dialog. Stop watching the same movie over and over and how changing the meaning behind what we are doing will change the feeling we get when we are doing it. We discuss how perception effects our ability to perform and achieve goals. We also discuss his book Live it and so many more awesome tips and ideas!! 



Jan 31, 2016

David I Hill Author of the Sales Playbook interviews Western New York Real Estate Rockstar Aaron Wittenstein. We discuss how he closed 10 million in volume his first year in business and how he created the largest and most used social media prospecting network on facebook. 16,000 plus members share content on Got Objections. 

Jan 31, 2016

Vlad has mastered the art of running his business without him. He does this by making sure he hasn’t just created a job for himself. The team sells over 100 units a year. He credits their success to the management and leadership of Kristina Miller. Building teams that are successful comes from never taking no for an answer. Vision is easy, but execution is the hard part. Focus on execution for success. Top short sale team in MD

Jan 30, 2016

Chris Brown started his career as a successful affiliate marketer. When he decided to work in real estate he found a mentor and entered the real estate game. He didn’t just want to make a living; he wanted to make a killing! Lacking an extensive network of buyers and sellers on his own, he turned to prospecting and focused on expired sellers. Customizing proven scripts on his sales calls changed his performance dramatically.