Path to Mastery - Inspiring Interviews of Salespeople, Trainers, Mentors & Authors including Mel Robbins, Grant Cardone, Brian Tracy, Chris Voss, Tom Hopkins, John Lee Dumas, Jairek Robbins, Jay Papasan, Russell Brunson, Tom Hopkins and Many More!! David

David I Hill - Welcome to the Path to Mastery! The one more sale podcast features weekly authentic, inspiring and fun interviews with top sales people, entrepreneurs, industry experts, authors, business coaches, life coaches, sales trainers and very cool humans like Jairek Robbins, Brian Tracy, Mel Robbins, Grant Cardone, Russell Brunson and John Lee Dumas who are doing big things! We get to know the real person, what makes them tick, why they do what they do, what makes them successful in their mind, what keeps them up at night and what they do to keep moving forward when times gets tough. I also share strategies and ideas from my book "The Sales Playbook." My vision is that every time you listen to an interview you leave with a tool, a tip, an idea or strategy that will lead you to one more sale. It's not just one more sale, it's one more sale at a time. The journey to sales mastery, one podcast and sale at a time! Enjoy your journey on the Path to Mastery!
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Path to Mastery - Inspiring Interviews of Salespeople, Trainers, Mentors & Authors including Mel Robbins, Grant Cardone, Brian Tracy, Chris Voss, Tom Hopkins, John Lee Dumas, Jairek Robbins, Jay Papasan, Russell Brunson, Tom Hopkins and Many More!! David



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Oct 12, 2017

"As salespeople we need to start showing people we understand them instead of telling them we understand them." Chris 

Interview begins at 03:50

Chris Voss is a past Lead FBI Hostage Negotiator and Regular on CNN  

"We need people to think that they are making the choice to do the thing that we want them to do." Chris



  • Find collaboration 
  • Understand that its emotional for some 
  • Stay away from the Yes trap 
  • Tell people what they are thinking 
  • Show people you understand them 
  • Use techniques on multiple levels 

About Chris:

Chris Voss is the Founder and CEO of the Black Swan Group Ltd and author of Never Split The Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It. He has used his many years of experience in international crisis and high-stakes negotiations to develop a unique program and team that applies these globally proven techniques to the business world.
Prior to 2008, Chris was the lead international kidnapping negotiator for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as the FBI’s hostage negotiation representative for the National Security Council’s Hostage Working Group. During his government career, he also represented the U.S. Government at two (2) international conferences sponsored by the G-8 as an expert in kidnapping. Prior to becoming the FBI lead international kidnapping negotiator, Christopher served as the lead Crisis Negotiator for the New York City Division of the FBI.


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Oct 10, 2017

"The only way we can be present with people when we don’t have to worry about what to say next." David Hill – Author of Amazon Best Selling “ The Sales Playbook”

• Top Real Estate Agent
• KWU Certified National Trainer
• One Thing Certified Trainer


STEPS TO Being Present

  • Know your scripts
  • Know the most common 5-7 objections
  • Know the questions on your clients mind
  • Know the questions you should ask
  • Come from contribution
  • Know your value proposition

About David:
David Hill is a leading expert on telephone prospecting. Over the past 28 years, he has worked as a salesperson in numerous industries and depended primarily on the phone to make sales. When other salespeople have switched to email or social media to reach contacts, David has stayed true to the communication medium of his roots. In doing so, he’s invested approximately 30,000 hours talking to prospects on the phone, which is equivalent to a triple master’s degree in phone prospecting.
David’s experience selling over the phone started as a kid when he took his first job as a telemarketer. He quickly learned that what seemed to be a frustrating and difficult job for his peers came surprising easy for him. After his second telemarketing job, David helped build a magazine called Condo Media, where he spent most of his day cold-calling businesses to sell advertising.
David has spent much of his sales career in real estate, a highly competitive selling industry. In his first year at Keller Williams in 2002, David sold 42 homes through phone prospecting, far surpassing the average of only six homes per rep. In 2006, David founded Hill Team Associates, a sales division under KW, where he currently serves as CEO.

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Oct 5, 2017

Ron Patulski - VP Maps Coaching   

Maps is one of the largest Real Estate Coaching Companies in the World  

*Interview begins at 04:45

"Logic makes people think, emotion makes people act." Ron

"Coaching is seeing where somebody is and bridging the gap from where they are to where they want to be." - Ron Patulski


• Coach to both sides of the brain 
• Ask great questions 
• Get them to understand the current impact of behavior 
• Get congruent 
• Align brain to goals 
• Develop awareness 
• Accountability

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About Ron:
"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change". This thought creates miracles. As a Performance Coach, it's been my good fortune to work with people and organizations on a daily basis to witness miracles!



Sep 28, 2017

Josh Anderson - The Anderson Group Nashville TN  

259 Closed units and 88 million volume in 2016.

[Interview begins at 04:01]

"Many agents confuse the difference between lead generation and lead follow up." Josh 

We have to learn to be OK with the boredom of success.  


  • Consistent time block 
  • Show up daily 
  • Be 1st in and last out 
  • Master follow up 
  • Keep in touch with your SOI
  • Do what your passionate about 
  • Keep a perfect schedule 

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About Josh:
Josh Anderson can best be described as a man of high energy with a passion for real estate. He is a business savvy professional with a strong desire to cater to his clients’ particular needs. Client satisfaction is paramount! Josh’s market expertise coupled with his superior negotiating skills set.

For his buyer clients, Josh takes a keen interest in finding not only the ideal property but, more importantly, a property that proves to be priced fairly, with minimal risk, and optimal return on investment. With the most comprehensive resources, services, and solutions available to make every transition as seamless as possible, Josh continues to provide assistance after the sale is closed. 

Originally from Nashville, Josh graduated from Louisiana State University in International Trade and Finance. Josh served 8 years in the U.S. Army, including a 10-month stint in Bagram, Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. These experiences, coupled with the education he received from Louisiana State, have molded him into a focused, disciplined, and strong willed. 
Whether buying or selling, Josh provides you with the special attention one expects of a dedicated real estate professional whose top priority is protecting the interests of the most discerning clients. Clients praise him often for his enthusiasm, patient approach, and unwavering loyalty. 

Sep 21, 2017

Episode Starts at 5:35 

Michael Tritthart KW Master Faculty Trainer, Director of Technology for Keller Williams Realty  

"It's not about the newest thing, it's about perfecting whats already out there." - Michael 


  • Communication is key 
  • Stick with the basics 
  • Follow the 80/20 rule 
  • Use old school fundamentals with new technology 
  • Use social media 
  • Use private messaging 


About Michael:

With more than a decade of experience in educational technology training, Michael offers training, marketing tips and consultation designed to improve your business. Classes are taught in a user friendly manner that is accessible for both wary computer users and experts. 

Michael earned his BA in Education at the University of Central Oklahoma and obtained his Masters of Education degree from the University of North Texas in 2000. Michael comes from a successful real estate family and has trained thousands of Realtors® since 2001. 
Keller Williams Realty International Master Faculty Member 
KWRI Certified Internet Lead Generation and Your Business is Your Database Instructor 
Certified by the states of Oklahoma and Texas to teach multiple Continuing Education Courses 
Personally enhanced over 1,500 real estate websites.



Show notes at and affiliate resources can be located at

Sep 14, 2017

Alexis Bolin – AKA The Scripts Queen

Expert on Scripts, Being Purposeful and Setting Expectations with Client.

39 years in the Real Estate business.

Ranked in top 1% of all Realtors in the country
“The biggest issue we have with putting a sale together are between the 2 agents and not between the buyer and seller.” Alexis
“My job is to help you get your offer accepted!” Alexis

Alexis Steps Too Sales Success 

  • 1st Step is to sit down and discuss the process
  • Always come to office before looking at houses
  • Have pre-approval in hand before looking at houses
  • Be direct with clients
  • Keep everyone focused on the outcome
  • The client needs to know your both on the same side
  • Learn to ask great questions
  • Realtors need to be obligated to the transaction

Work with the other agents to keep your deals together

Who is Alexis:
39 years in Residential Real Estate
Named one of The Most Influential Agents in Florida
Recognized as one of the Most Awarded Agents in the Nation
Named to "Who's Who"​ in Residential Real Estate Named in the "TOP 300 Real Estate Agents"​ by Realtor Magazine Ranked Among the Top 1/10 of 1% of all Real Estate Agents Nationwide
Inducted into the ERA Real Estate International Hall of Fame – 2013 
Inducted into the Real Estate Experts Hall of Fame – August 2012

Show notes are at

You can find helpful resources through my affiliates at

Sep 7, 2017

Michael Sherrard – AKA The Purple Realtor: Expert on Social Media with Instagram & Facebook

Less than 1 year in Business but started planning 6 months before he got his Real Estate license.

Here how he succeeded despite no experience, no knowledge of real estate and 24 years old!!  
“I need to get in front of people to let them see my strong side shine and door-knocking was going to be my key!” Mike 
Mike took a 700k listing 1st day in the business and recently listed a 15 million listing. Hear how he did it! 

Michael’s Steps To Sales Success:

  • Shadow people who are doing what you want to do 
  • Come in the business with a plan 
  • Speak with authority and confidence 
  • Be knowledgeable of the market
  • Focus on your strengths  
  • Door knock to get in front of people 
  • Get out of your head 

Learn how to succeed in Real Estate from day 1 


Who is Michael:
My journey into the world of Real Estate is one that is driven primarily by two fundamental motivators, my thriving passion to change the overall experience of buying, selling, and investing in Real Estate, and my passion for making a positive, lasting impact on the people I meet. The intrinsic problem that I saw was that, while Calgary is an exciting, vibrant, and innovative city, the Real Estate industry is stuck in the past. Without a doubt there is value in the basics, but we now live in a modern world, and old school methods are no longer sufficient. Therefore, I made the life changing decision that it was my duty to transform the industry.

I pride myself on authenticity, and in an attempt to say rid myself of the Real Estate Agent stereotypes of being focused on the sale, my focus lies within creating a unique, unforgettable experience. Moreover, I believe that everyone should receive a boutique experience, tailored to his or her unique requirements, regardless of price range.


Visit the vast offerings in my Affiliates Page

Aug 31, 2017

Zero-in on the hidden trip wires that keep you from achieving your goals. 

“Get out of your head.”  

An amazing conversation on MINDSET and Confidence! 


Michelle’s Steps Too Sales Success 

  • Get out of your own way 
  • Bring Passion into Sales 
  • Be Confident in Yourself 

Learn how to skyrocket your sales on Success Unfiltered podcast in iTunes

Follow Michelle

She has knocked down the doors and impressed CEO’s at many billion dollar companies. Her relentless pursuit towards buyers at Costco Wholesale earned her coveted shelf space that also led to national deals with The Vitamin Shoppe. Other current clients include the Washington Nationals and Tampa Bay Rays. Within her inner circle are multi-seven figure entrepreneurs, famous comedians, professional athletes and coaches from the NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL. 

As a result of these amazing relationships and opportunities Michelle has honed a unique skill sets that will help you develop the most important and valuable relationships. She will teach you how to open doors and meet people that you have always dreamed of meeting, but you never knew how to get to. That’s her genius. 
She accomplished incredible feats of influence, building a business both online & brick & mortar. She has sold everything from mortgages, to wardrobes at Norstroms, from 7-figure homes and $30k online education products to Paleo Meatballs.

Her mission is to utilize her superpower to help more than one million entrepreneurs close any deal that comes their way, sell more products or services, value their worth, overcome any objection thrown at them, and turn a NO into “it’s ON” so they can serve more people and make a bigger difference in the world

Check out the companies I work with at

Aug 24, 2017

Take any Action in 5 Seconds and get Results! The 5 Second Rule

Mel Robbins - Discover the Power of the 5 Second Rule
Transform your Life, Work & Confidence 
“How to enrich your life and destroy doubt in 5 seconds.” Mel Robbins

“To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour.”
Winston Churchill 


  • Count down 54321
  • Ignore the little voice    
  • Take action right away 
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself 
  • Start right away

Buy the 5 Second Rule on Audio here

For more information, go to

Aug 17, 2017


"We must learn to get beyond the brush off with internet leads." Dirk

Dirk Zeller - Real Estate Champions, Author, Speaker, Real Estate Coach 

Dirk is a master at connecting with people and using the right words!! 


Learn the art of connecting with people by using the right words to become compelling. 


  • Follow Up Quickly (within 5 minutes)
  • Get through the Brush off
  • Offer Tools and Resources they cant get Anywhere else
  • Ask Great Questions
  • Set Appointment (Get belly to belly)

For more information, go to

Aug 10, 2017

Mark Rickert, Podcast Host Soaring in Sobriety, interviews me about sobriety and how my life is different from almost 14 years ago.

Business! Sobriety! Success!

We also discuss business in sobriety and how sobriety is a lifestyle.

For more about David Hill, visit

Aug 3, 2017

BECOME A TOP AGENT IN YOUR MARKET by becoming a celebrity!

"If people don't know you they wont work with you!" 

Building a Foundational Business based on Serving your SOI - Using Knolly's powerful tools. 

How to Build a Listings Based Business

  • Focus on your SOI  
  • Create a niche
  • Build a farm
  • Build a system
  • 18-touch Plan
  • Contact your top 200
  • Send them your press kit
  • Be confident

Create a system to stay in touch with your sphere  


About Knolly:

In 2003, after 11 years and after earning millions in the music marketing business, Knolly decided to switch hats and pursue his aspirations in real estate. Before activating his license, Knolly read “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent,” by Gary Keller. In his first 60 days, Knolly took nearly 30 listings and within his first 12 months, Knolly rose through the ranks to become one of the top REALTORS® in Central Texas. By 2008, Knolly had become one of the top 20 RE/MAX agents in the state of Texas. Knolly has been ranked among the top 7 agents in Austin by Austin Business Journal (out of nearly 9500 agents!). This ranking is based on sales production. Knolly joined Keller Williams Realty in 2009 and brings with him a plethora of knowledge to share; along with his own eagerness to learn. In addition to running his real estate practice, Knolly is a MAPS fast track coach training Keller Williams agents on the fine art of successfully finding, listing, processing and closing luxury and short sales.

For more information on all the affiliates and service I offer, visit

Jul 27, 2017

30 Under 30 winner, Joe Zimmerman from MKT PROPERTIES.

Top 1% Realtor in Nation - Brought KW in to Chicago - 200+ Homes Sold Annually

Building a Foundational Business based on Serving your SOI - Using Lead Generation and Pour Hour. Boomtown. OSA  


•    4 calls annually
•    2 emails monthly (value based)
•    Client appreciation event quarterly
•    Birthday/anniversary cards
•    Bonus - sports schedules
•    Bonus - thanksgiving card
•    Add Beliefs
•    Add Call to Action
•    Be Purposeful in asking for referrals
•    Get permission to stay in touch


Lead with questions...

• What do you expect from us?
• What can we do to help you with?

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About Joe:
Joe prides himself most on bringing excellent client service and extensive industry knowledge to every client relationship — an approach that has enabled him to build 100 percent of his client base on referrals.
Recently named to the National Association of Realtors’ “Top 30 Under 30" and the Association of Chicago Realtors’ “Top 40 Under 40" lists for achievement in sales, Joe is a Chicago-area native who got his first taste for the business at the age of 15. His parents were selling their family home, and it was Joe who ended up showing the house and landing the sale.
A former resident of the West Loop, River North and Bucktown areas in Chicago within the last ten years, Joe has experience in the condo, town-home, and single-family market in every neighborhood throughout the Chicagoland area.
“I feel extremely fortunate to be able to help my clients with one of the biggest purchases of their lives in what I believe to be the greatest city in the world,” Joe says. “And now through the expanded MKT team, I feel that I can provide even better counsel and superior industry knowledge to my clients more effectively."
 Affiliates -
 Master Camp –

More information about David and how he can help you on your Path to Mastery can be found at

Jul 20, 2017

Valerie Almanzar - 30 under 30 winner. Part time agent to 179 units closed in 5 years. 

Why I took a 30 million dollar real estate business and partnered with an expansion team.

How to crush your limiting mindset and make the jump to full time real estate. 

How to get beyond your fears and make the jump into real estate.

About Valerie

Valerie is a native to New Mexico. She grew up in Santa Fe and graduated from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque with her BA in Psychology and Spanish. She continued on to get her Masters degree in Marketing and Operations Management. She works with buyers and sellers to build wealth in real estate and to make the process smooth. She also works with sellers to get their home sold quickly for top dollar. She is passionate about Marketing and enjoys helping people. She works with people who might be facing foreclosure to get their home sold before this happens. Valerie and her team are true professionals and is ready to work for you!

CHECK OUT the 10X episode with Grant Cardone

Affiliate Links Page can be found at

Contact me through my website

Jul 13, 2017

Jairek Robbins on why your Mindset will help or hinder your attainment of goals.

How to make changes to your thinking and effect your outcomes.

How to crush your limiting mindset.

What it was link growing up with Tony Robbins, as a father.

Jairek Robbins is a man on a mission focused on developing creative solutions for accelerating results. By evaluating the strategic objectives you have for your company, Jairek is able to build a customized roadmap for you to achieve your goals with speed and precision.

Jairek and David discuss mindset and what it takes to overcome limiting beliefs.


• Get around BIG thinkers
• Let go of limiting thoughts  
• Forgive yourself and others
• Defend your happiness
• Build a strategic plan
• Work 10x Harder

Check out our affiliates and sponsors page at

Jul 6, 2017

The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure


Achieve "Massive Action" results and accomplish your business dreams!

While most people operate with only three degrees of action-no action, retreat, or normal action-if you're after big goals, you don't want to settle for the ordinary. To reach the next level, you must understand the coveted 4th degree of action. This 4th degree, also know as the 10 X Rule, is that level of action that guarantees companies and individuals realize their goals and dreams.

The 10 X Rule unveils the principle of "Massive Action," allowing you to blast through business clichés and risk-aversion while taking concrete steps to reach your dreams. It also demonstrates why people get stuck in the first three actions and how to move into making the 10X Rule a discipline. Find out exactly where to start, what to do, and how to follow up each action you take with more action to achieve Massive Action results:

• Learn the "Estimation of Effort" calculation to ensure you exceed your targets
• Make the Fourth Degree a way of life and defy mediocrity
• Discover the time management myth
• Get the exact reasons why people fail and others succeed
• Know the exact formula to solve problems

Extreme success is by definition outside the realm of normal action. Instead of behaving like everybody else and settling for average results, take Massive Action with The 10 X Rule, remove luck and chance from your business equation, and lock in massive success.

Check out last weeks episode with Mel Robbins on The 5 Second Rule. Achieve any goal in 5 seconds!

“I work with small companies and Fortune 500 companies to grow sales by finding overlooked opportunities and customizing the sales process to be more effective. I have worked with companies like Google, Sprint, Aflac, Toyota, GM, Ford and thousands more. I own and operate four companies that do almost 100m in annual sales and I’m also a New York Times best-selling author, international speaker, & considered the top sales training and social media expert in the world today.”
Sponsored by Hornung & Scimone PC Real Estate Attorneys

Jun 29, 2017

Take any Action in 5 Seconds and get Results! The 5 Second Rule

Mel Robbins - Discover the Power of the 5 Second Rule
Transform your Life, Work & Confidence 
“How to enrich your life and destroy doubt in 5 seconds.” Mel Robbins

“To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour.”
Winston Churchill 


  • Count down 54321
  • Ignore the little voice    
  • Take action right away 
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself 
  • Start right away

Buy the 5 Second Rule on Audio here
About Mel Robbins:
Mel is currently one of CNN’s most popular on-air commentators and opinion writers; her articles drive tens of millions of page views for Mel has an extensive television resumé as an expert on human behavior and motivation for Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Oprah, The Today Show and Fox News. She was named America’s Outstanding News Talkshow Host at the 2014 Gracie Awards. Mel is a speaker, TV personality and coach with the credibility and experience to deliver the goods for audiences of all shapes and sizes: men and women; intimate to arena; technical sales trainings to innovation summits. She will work with you to create an unforgettable, high energy and momentum-driven event that reinforces brand and sponsor objectives, delivers fresh, actionable content and engages and entertains your attendees with music, original videos and interactive leadership exercises.Mel is a Dartmouth College and Boston College Law School graduate. She and her husband of 18 years have three young kids. She lives in the Boston area, but remains a Midwesterner at heart.

For more episodes to help you on your path to mastery, visit 

Jun 22, 2017

Geoff Woods -  VP The One Thing Training Organization 
Everything starts with Mindset

"We tend to complicate things to justify our inactions." Ben Kinney

We all tell ourselves stories that limit our potential.
"To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour.” - Winston Churchill


  • Think big but act small
  • Focus on your lead domino  
  • Forget about what you could do and focus on what you should do    
  • Create clarity
  • Protect your time
  • Watch you you spend time with
  • Know your purpose about Geoff Woods

Geoff Woods is the Vice President of The ONE Thing. After hearing the Jim Rohn quote that “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” Geoff set out on a mission to surround himself with high level CEOs and successful entrepreneurs. Fast forward just 10 months, Geoff went from employee to entrepreneur, launching a company with the co-authors of the best selling book The ONE Thing. Geoff has been featured in and is on a mission to teaching people how to live a life of focus so they can have more by doing less.

Sponsored by Law Offices of

Jun 15, 2017

Russell Brunson - Best Selling Author EXPERT SECRETS

Everything starts with Vision

"Your message has the ability to change someone’s life." Russell

Take a process and system that works and use it to build your following and deliver your message.
"To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour."   - Winston Churchill


  • Become a charismatic leader
  • Find your niche  
  • Find your tribe    
  • Forget about the others
  • Build a community
  • Take massive action
  • Build a funnel

About Russell Brunson:

Russell Brunson started his first online company while he was wrestling in college. Within a year of graduation he had sold over a million dollars of his own products and services from his basement. Over that past 10 years, he has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their messages out to the marketplace. 

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Jun 8, 2017

Strategies to Creating a Successful Life.

"I set up everything so it caters to my life, instead of catering my life to everything." Joshua Smith

If we build great processes and systems the people will come. The process and systems is the 1st step!

"It's not about doing 1000 things, it’s about doing 1 thing 1000 times." - Joshua Smith


  • Build a process
  • Find talented people 
  • Train to be specialists    
  • Surround yourself with talented people 
  • Protect your time
  • Focus on health first
  • Take time to reflect 

About Joshua Smith:

GSD Podcast is where we interview Top Entrepreneurs, Top Fitness and Health Experts and people that DOMINATE their space! These are people that do not accept mediocrity, they have clarity on what they want in life and they take massive levels of action to create their dreams into a reality! They create epic lives!

For more Path to Mastery, visit

Jun 1, 2017

Cody has Expansion Groups in 43 Offices.

Listings start with thinking but begin with action.


"You don't get a listing, you earn them or sign them. The language is key." Cody

I can do anything but I can't do everything!


  • Lead Generate daily until we get an appointment
  • Set 1 appointment a day
  • Prequalify appointments
  • Visit FSBO/EXP daily
  • Follow up

"You maintain a business talking with people you know, you build a business talking with people you don't know." Cody

About Cody Gibson:

Cody has been an agent for over 16 years. and was a top-producing agent in Anchorage, Alaska where he built the Alaska Keller Williams office to nearly 200 agents. Now, based in Oregon, he is the owner and CEO of Portland Real Estate Group and United Home Group, as well as the Operating Partner of Keller Williams – Portland Central, with more than 267 agents. 

Cody founded Portland Real Estate Group (PRG) in fall of 2011. PRG has grown to include a Listing and Buyers’ Division, a call center, and a staff of 10. United Home Group (UHG) began in 2012, with Cody’s first expansion city in Tri Cities, WA. Since then, UHG has continued to expand. Currently operating in 21 locations, 18 cities across 9 states. His groups put over 400 homes into contract in 2015, are projected to put close to 500 into contract in 2016, and has sold as many as 55 homes in a single month.


For more sales training or information, visit my website at 

May 25, 2017

Purposeful Recruiting The KW Effect

Aaron Kaufman - Talent Acquisition Specialist Keller Williams Realty


Aaron has built a massive KW downline by attracting people to his websites.
Arron shares the biggest mistakes agents make.


  • Always be in conversations about goals
  • Be attractive by showing results  
  • Cast a large vision  
  • Bring massive value
  • Be consistent
  • Build a platform

About Aaron Kaufman:

Talent Acquisition Specialist at Keller Williams Realty

Follow your path to mastery at

May 18, 2017

Kelly Henderson - Top Realtor & Maps Coach on Building a Purposeful Real Estate Business

Purposeful Farming - Purposeful Prospecting 2014 “30 Under 30” Realtor winner 


Kelly owns and runs a 20 million 5th level team while she coaches other agents through Maps Coaching. 


  • Listen
  • Be authentic 
  • Slow down 
  • Practice your scripts
  • Get a coach
  • Do what works 

About Kelly Henderson:

Growing up, my family and I were homeless for a number of years, and the American dream of home ownership seemed like a foreign concept. In real estate school, I quickly realized that the dream wasn’t as distant as I thought. Less than a year later, my mother purchased her first home, at age 52. Within weeks, I too, purchased my first home with my husband. To this day, my mom credits me with her home ownership, and it always brings tears to my eyes. Having the opportunity to make that dream a reality for myself and others is exactly why I got my license


For more help on your path to mastery, visit

May 11, 2017


John Chapin - The National Prospecting & Sales Trainer

Sales Training 101 on Mindset 



Learn the art of sales and overcoming rejection


• Follow up fast 
• Build your relationships 
• Become great at listening 
• Stay away from negatives
• Stay away from excuses
• Take full responsibility

About John Chapin:

Whether you need a sales trainer or motivational speaker who can help you with the above challenges, or you have other sales issues, sales expert John Chapin’s experience as a number one sales rep with 26+ years experience and primary author of the 2010 sales book of the year: Sales Encyclopedia, ensures that he brings a unique perspective to your audience and adds something meaningful and important to every sales conversation.

May 4, 2017


Deric Lipski vs a Really tough Expired Listing Cold Call LIVE!!!


Learn the art of conversion from Deric Lipksi and David Hill


  • Be confident not arrogant  
  • Learn your scripts
  • Mirror and match
  • Be present
  • Practice your scripts daily
  • Get the appointment

Check out last weeks episode with John Livesay - The Pitch Whisperer on Building the perfect pitch! 


About Deric Lipski:

There are many qualities and skills that go into being an excellent real estate professional - integrity, in-depth community and market knowledge, marketing savvy, effective negotiation skills and a high-quality professional network, all of which are hallmarks of how I work.

That said, in my experience as a South Easton real estate professional, I've also found that providing the very best service is essentially about putting my clients first. This means keeping myself accessible, being a good listener as well as a good communicator, and responding quickly to your needs.

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